A Visual Display of Evangelistic Work by Lakesiders

A Visual Display of Evangelistic Work by Lakesiders

It’s exciting to consider how much gospel reach that those who have been a part of Lakeside Community Church have had. Please help us continue to add to our growing list of places Lakesiders have shared the gospel by sending us your evangelistic efforts.

Markings will continue to be added to the map and our book located by the map which has the details of who, what, where, and when will continue to be updated.

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If you have been redirected back to this page after filling out the form then we have successfully received your information. You can continue to use the link above to add additional missionary history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to currently attend Lakeside to be a part of this project?
    • No. As long as you once attended Lakeside for a season you are forever a part of Lakeside’s history. We are interested in your past and present outreach.
  • Does the missionary/evangelistic work have to have been officially a part of Lakeside or done during one’s time at Lakeside?
    • No. Our priority is to highlight how much reach those currently or once a part of Lakeside have had as a collection of believers over the course of their lives. (i.e. all evangelistic work done prior to, during, and after one’s time at Lakeside counts.)
  • I’ve never left the country or been on a mission trip, am I excluded from this project?
    • No. We’d love to know what kind of gospel outreach you have been a part of both locally and across state lines.
    • America, though not lacking in resources, desperately needs to hear the gospel.
  • I share the gospel wherever I go. Isn’t that going to be too long of a list?
    • Most of the pins will admittedly highlight intentional organized outreach efforts. However, great gospel centered conversations with unbelievers in passing while traveling or collectively over the course of time living in an area are also welcome. If you can recall it and are willing to take the time to record it, we’re interested in adding it.
  • I need to edit something I submitted or can’t remember what I submitted previously and need to add more. What should I do?
  • What about past individuals who were a part of Lakeside but might not know about this project?